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Love in the Time of Covid-19

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The Cactus Cast, Episode 004

It’s been a hectic week here at the Cactus House, so I’ve just got a quick check in for you all. 

The biggest news is that we sent the kids off to daycare! Whoop Whoop! 

It was a tough decision, for sure. We I agonized about it for months, but on the day they left I danced a joyful dance. Did I say ‘danced’? I meant to say I moonwalked through the entire house. 

First day of “school!” Goodbye, and Good Luck!

No, I did not cry…stop asking me that. I only cry when I watch Lilo & Stitch or late night SPCA ads. It was a joyful day… that is, until the school called us to pick up Chief because he hadn’t stopped crying for 5 hours

He’s tenacious, that boy of ours. I’ll give him that. 

The mom-guilt might have hit me way harder when I got that call if I wasn’t halfway through a frozen mango margarita. 

I hear you judging me. 

I guess I should explain that I wasn’t celebrating so hard just because we sent the kids back to school. That day also happened to be our 7 year wedding anniversary, and we were enjoying a quiet, romantic day together. 

When I say “romantic,” what I mean is:

  • MisterE tidied up while I logged in to work, even though I swore I wouldn’t log in to work.
  • We climbed rocks for a few hours at Momentum Katy 
  • We shared a shower because we were late for our massages, but couldn’t agree on a temperature so nobody had fun. 
  • I pumped in the car. Motherhood is not glamorous. 
  • We fell asleep 3 minutes into our couple’s massage. 
  • We did some banking, because efficiency is a love language. 
  • We headed to Pablo’s for hot Tex-Mex and cold drinks. 
  • We considered getting pedicures even after the daycare called, because if Chief had been crying for 5 hours, what difference would one more hour make, amiright? 

Don’t worry, we picked up our child and our feet are still crusty. 

It may not sound like much of a day, but there was a lot of “WE” going on, and that was a really big deal. Yes, we’ve been together every moment of every day for the past year, but that day was different. On that day, we were together because we wanted to be… and it felt good.

We capped off our celebration by putting the kids to bed early so we wouldn’t have to give them any cake. We then winked repeatedly and whispered sexy nothings to each other while trying to stifle our yawns. I was asleep by 9pm, and MisterE stayed up watching sports highlights until 1 am… because marriage

This week’s podcast is available below. I apologize in advance for my singing.

In the words of MisterE, “here’s to seven more years of marriage!” — Special Guest: Hurricane

What does romance look like to your and your spouse/partner these days? Let me know down below. We can’t be the only “old” couple on the block! 

Have fun! 

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