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Challenge: Start Something New

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Welcome to the PaperDiem Blog! Thanks for stopping by. 

I am, at long last, launching the blog I swore I would start twelve years ago. I kept holding back, thinking, “No one wants to hear about this.” 

But the thing is: life continues to happen (hooray), and I rather enjoy my life, so I’ve decided to just write about it. This is simply going to be a blog about stuff. “What stuff?” I hear the masses implore… 

Here’s a little about me: 

I’m happily married to MisterE, despite my periodic complaining. He’s a pretty cool dude and he’s definitely the adult in this relationship. 

I was so hungry when this picture was taken. So, very, hungry.

We have a daughter named Hurricane who was born with eyes wide open and blows us away with her propensity for language. She’ll be three years old this winter and keeps us in stitches every day. 

A few months ago we gave birth to our son, Chief. That’s a royal “we,” as I did most of the heavy lifting on that front. Chief was born with his head held high and insists he’ll be walking before he’s six months old. 

We’re making our best attempt at Positive Parenting with strong Montessori vibes. I’ll be tagging those posts with #FamilyMatters

We attempt a daily art project to keep her imagination active.

We live in the Wild Wild West Texas in a quaint little house that I can’t seem to stop decorating. I love to DIY all the things, but MisterE reels me in when I start mentioning too many power tools. He loves all ten of my fingers, it seems. I’ll be tagging those posts with #CactusLife

One of our earlier DIY projects: etching and painting our garage floor

In non-pandemic times we love to travel… Let me rephrase that… We love to find ourselves in different locations around the world. The actual traveling tends to shine a light on certain differences in how MisterE and I interpret “packing the bags,” “being on time,” and “oh my gawd can you please just not speak to me until we land?!” 

We look forward to throwing two children into the mix to see if our marriage can survive family vacations. #UpAndAway

Descending over Puerto Rico

I’m a fitness buff, contrary to what my post-partum body is trying to imply. I love all things that require physical strain. Heck, even childbirth was fun. But, when it comes to food I possess nothing resembling self-control. That’s a problem because I have a number of tricky food sensitivities that I’m trying to navigate. My cousin, Alewat, will be keeping me accountable and contributing to this blog as well. #FitFam

White Water Rafting in Colorado. Now THAT was an adventure

And finally, I’m growing out my natural hair so that I can teach Hurricane and Chief to love and care for their kinks and coils.  #HairySituations 

Maybe you, like me, are wondering how on earth I have time to maintain a blog with a toddler, an infant, a full time job, and an obsession with naps. The truth is that I don’t have the time, but I do have the passion, so why not give it a try? 

What passion project have you been putting off? Let’s start something great together!

Have Fun!


Hi, I'm Chioma Ikoku, a spirited explorer and a peace-loving homebody. I founded Casa Diem Life to help you combine the excitement of travel with the comfort of home, because I believe that adventure begins at home.

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