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Mail and Mosquitoes

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It’s funny that my last post was about the terror that is checking the mail during Toddler Time, because just yesterday, Hurricane asked to check the mail during Toddler Time and things did not go as expected. 

We had been indoors all day because the weather was downright yucky and I just didn’t feel like being physical. At 7:05, after we had wrapped up dinner and started winding down for bed, Hurricane began to beg to go outside. 

I told her, “No, mommy doesn’t go outside after dusk because of the mosquitoes.” 

“Mosquitoes?” she asked, wide eyed. 

“Yes, mosquitoes. They love to feed on me and I don’t like it.” 

“Ok. But please can we check the mail?” 

After about seven more pleases, I agreed. 

I strapped Chief to my chest using my trusty Ergobaby 360 Carrier, put shoes on Hurricane, lathered us in bug repellant, and we ventured out into the wild. 

We made it to the end of the driveway before I viciously slapped my own neck. Hurricane screamed. Chief startled and started to cry. I told them both to chill out. 

To be fair, I had used enough force to kill a vampire bat, not just a mosquito. But that’s how much I hate mosquito bites. My immune system gets over-excited and one bite on my neck can lead to my entire face, neck and shoulder being red and inflamed. Apparently I’m allergic to mosquito saliva. Gross. 

A recent reaction to a mosquito landing on me. It didn’t even get a chance to feed and this was my reaction.

“Mommy, why did you hit yourself?” Hurricane asked. She looked truly concerned. 

“A mosquito bit me,” I said. 

“Did it hurt?” 

“Well… it hurt when I hit myself,” I admitted. 

“You shouldn’t do that.” 

She wagged her finger at me but as she did so, another mosquito landed on my arm. My ninja-like reflexes kicked in and I slapped my arm so hard I nearly broke the bones in my hand. Hurricane screamed again. 

She grabbed my hand and began to pull. “We have to run mommy, we have to run! Mosquitoes!”

I pressed Chief’s head firmly against my chest and began to shuffle behind my daughter, trying to keep the bounce out of my step so I wouldn’t rattle my son too much. 

“Come on, mommy, come on! Mosquitoes!” Hurricane yelled. I started to laugh and she gave me a chastising look, so I fixed my face and dutifully shuffled behind her. 

We got to the mailbox in record time. 

“Which one is our mailbox,” I asked. 

“Five, five… it’s number five!” she shouted and pointed directly to the correct mailbox. “Open it, Mommy. Mosquitoooooooooes!” 

I had barely retrieved our mail when my little Hurricane was off, sprinting down the sidewalk towards the house. She was flailing her arms, shooing at the air and shouting, “Don’t bite me! Don’t you bite me you mosquitoes! Get out of here!” 

My little sprinter could not get home fast enough! We’re still working on her running form to get her Olympics ready.

When we got home, all MisterE had to say was, “That was fast,” and I could only laugh. 

This wonderful daughter of mine is so dramatic, and I have no idea where she gets it from. Heh.  

Please share: what sorts of things get your kids overly-excited? We’d all love a good laugh. 

Have fun! 


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