Imagine a home that creates a sense of calm, even on your most hectic days.

When you elevate your home, you are empowered to elevate your life and create the best version of yourself.

With constant demands on your time and countless design details to consider when styling a home, you will need a dedicated interior design to coordinate all the moving parts.

Together we will create a home that is expertly tailored to your unique taste.

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Slow down and build a life you love in a warm and inviting home


Hi! I’m Chioma Ikoku,

founder and lead designer at Casa Diem Life.

We are a full scale interior design company based in Houston, TX, that transforms dated, cookie-cutter houses into joyful, inviting homes. I work with all design styles and aesthetics, because I believe that home is not a place but a feeling, and that feeling should never be ‘overwhelmed.’

Guide to ruthless decluttering

If there’s a hint of overwhelm in your current home, you may need a solid decluttering strategy before jumping into decorating. Download my free Guide to Ruthless Decluttering to help you get organized and enlightened about your space.

Full Service Interior Design

Well executed interior design inspires creativity, supports good habits and uplifts every member of the household – pets included!


Renovations and New Construction

The number of details involved in creating a custom-built home can be overwhelming. I can take the lead and create a cohesive, functional design plan.

Design Consultation

If you’ve started on a design project but find yourself stuck, second-guessing, or over-budget I’ll help you get things moving in the right direction.


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