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Traveling to learn the meaning of home

The only thing I love more than a quiet moment in my home is the rush of adventure in a new place. I’m a recovering engineer who is now exploring the intersection of travel and homemaking through photography and storytelling.

As I travel, I pay special attention to the pieces of home that I encounter. It might be the whisper of a secret recipe passed down through generations in a family-owned bakery, or the laughter of friends around a bonfire. These tiny moments are the ones that linger. These are the stories I love to capture.

With every experience, I find myself marveling at the beauty of human connection, the power of shared memories, and the incredible potential that lies within the walls of a home.

I founded Casa Diem Life as a heart-led interior design firm that celebrates people and the way they live. My hope is to inspire others to live a life filled beauty, culture, and adventure, and to embrace the power of storytelling in their own lives.

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Too Much Baggage: How Overpacking Can Ruin Your Trip and What to Do About It

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Your home should tell your unique story, and inspire your higher self.

Investing in interior design is not just a matter of aesthetics.

It is a way to create a sanctuary that brings comfort, inspiration, and joy to your daily life. It is a decision to create a space you want to escape to, not escape from.

You can change your life by changing your environment. If your desire is to stress less, entertain more, or spend more time rough housing with your kids, I am here to help you turn your vision into a reality.

If you are looking for a designer who is passionate, experienced, and dedicated to creating something that is uniquely yours, you're in the right place.


My Design Philosophy

Casa Diem Life is here to help you tell your most authentic story through your decor.

With intentionally sourced pieces, you can have a peaceful sanctuary and joyful space that you just love doing life in!

We'll build your style - however you define it - in a way that is warm, organic and inviting.

Let's set the stage for all the memories you'll make at home.

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