Design Consultation

Authors develop ‘writer’s block,’ artists develop ‘creative block,’ and sometimes homeowners develop decision fatigue. It happens to the best of us.


If you’re feeling stuck because you’re second-guessing your decisions or feel unsure about what comes next, I can help.

I offer an in-person design consultation that will re-ignite your self confidence and nudge you towards your ultimate design goal.

The consultation can serve as a launching pad to my full scale interior design services, or it can stand alone as a highly focused, specific problem solving session. I can discuss details like furnishings, finishes, floors, and paint. Or I can discuss higher-level concepts like functionality, future-proofing and budgeting.

At the end of our session you will have the confidence to make educated decisions and avoid costly mistakes. You may feel revved up to complete the project on your own, or you may prefer the convenience of my expertise to bring your design to life.

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